The Scull Family

Dear Stephanie,
It was such a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and love for dogs shines through, you definitely picked the right career. During the training sessions I was able to learn so much from you. I learned of course the basic commands sit, stay, down and about having boundaries. But the two most important things you also taught me is how I need to have the leadership role and make them work daily. I understand now how important that it is for dogs to have a job and a role in our family. Whether it is Lulu who is 5 lbs or Moxie who 111lbs they both need boundaries and to be worked. I understand how important it is to train them early because it makes my life a lot easier now. I want to say thank you for recommending foods that would help with my dogs stomach issues and always being available to answer any questions I might have. You really helped our family enjoy our dogs so much more and understand why dogs do what they do. If and when we get another dog you are first on the list to call! Thank you for everything, your more then just a dog trainer to us you are the “dog whisperer”!
Thank you