Services and rates

About our training

Here at Peace Of Mind Dog Training we believe in a balanced approach to training. relationship you have with your dog. When training your dog we will; teach expectations, reward compliance and build a desire to comply. We will find what motivates your dog and work with those motivators to get results.

Our programs are geared towards off leash control, to achieve this we use a combination of training tools. A training tool should be used to teach, with the end goal being able to have a happy obedient dog regardless of the tool being present or not. We are happy to discuss with you why we choose to use the tools we do and how they work.

Some of the tools we use include: *Remote collar: We use and supply E-collar Technologies brand ecollar. The cost of our dog training programs include a Mini Educator 300, if your dog requires an upgraded collar additional fees may apply.

  • Food/treats

  • Toys

  • Slip lead

  • Prong collar

  • Remote collar*

  • Long line

Free Phone Evaluation (Step One)


During our free phone evaluation we will cover:
-The goals you have for your dog
-Talk about any behavior problems you may be experiencing with your dog
-Evaluate your dogs behavior
-Explain our training methods and why they work!

We would love to chat with you about the training goals you have for your dog! You can call us directly at: 612.913.8123. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

We can help any dog. Any Age Any Breed Any Size. Talk Soon!

Don’t forget to book your FREE phone evaluation!

Cost: FREE

In Person Consultation

Once we have had a phone evaluation, the next step is to set up your IN-HOME consultation. This meeting will give us a chance for me to meet your dog and get a better idea of their needs, plus you get a chance to meet me, Stephanie!


During this meeting we will cover your dog questions, discuss your training goals, mental and physical outlets for your dog, nutrition, leadership, training tools, and create a management plan for you to hold you over until the training begins. We will discuss our programs and find the best option for you and your dog.

-Talk about the goals you have for your dog
-Talk about any behavior problems you may be experiencing with your dog
-Evaluate your dogs behavior
-Explain our training methods and why they work!
-Explain the training equipment we use
-Evaluate your dog to ensure you are choosing the right training program to successfully train your dog
-Figure out which training program will fulfill your goals
-Work our schedule around your life, we are flexible and respect your time


  • 2-3 hours meet and greet
  • Answers to those burning questions
  • A plan in place to manage your dog and their naughty behavior
  • If you sign up and pay in full for a training program at the end and consultation fee is FREE!

Cost: 150$

One on One Coaching

This program is for those that want to learn how to train their dog, not just go through the motions. We want you to understand why your dog is doing what they are doing, how they learn, and most importantly; how to train. This is also a fantastic option for first time dog owners who want to step up their dog skills!

This program is uniquely set up to give you the most out of our training. We start by working one on one with you and your dog to train the commands and when you’re ready to push your training to the next level with lifestyle training. We will make trips to train in real life environments such as; dog friendly coffee shops or restaurants, your local park, a stroll around the lake, how about your vet!? We want to make sure the training fits your lifestyle so we will go where you go!


The One on One Coaching program gives you access to a trainer for 6 months! Each lesson we teach you new skills to work on with your dog, once you have practiced those skills and you’re ready to learn more you set up your next session, when YOU are ready.

Why 6 months? Life happens and we understand, that’s why we want to be there for you, beyond just the basic training. While most clients will reach their goals within the first few lessons, you have 6 months of on going support to ensure you reach those goals, and even push beyond them.

This is a great program for puppies as we will be there for you through your dogs natural learning curves as they grow up.


  • 6 months of training support
  • Private lessons in your home
  • Lifestyle lessons in locations of your choice
  • Training tools: long line, prong (if needed), remote collar*
  • A better behaved dog that listens!

Cost: 895$

Inclusive Board and Train

If you would prefer for PoMDT to take on the bulk of the work teaching your dog, and then teach you how to maintain the training, our inclusive board and train would be for you! Your dog will live in my home learning how to be a calm, polite member of the family. Your dog will be exposed to other animals, people, and different locations all while learning to be a rock star dog!


Our board and train program is designed to integrate your dog into a new way of life with structure and guidance; becoming a calmer, more polite and compliant dog. During your dogs stay with us we will share updates on their progress so you can stay connected. When it is time to come home, we will do an in home lesson with you to teach you how to maintain your dogs training. While we will take on the hundreds of repetitions it takes to teach, you will have to practice regularly with your dog to ensure their training stays!

While our exclusive boarding and train program lasts for two weeks for most dogs, during our consultation we will discuss the appropriate length of stay for your dog and their needs as some more serious behaviors will take longer to help your dog get past.


  • 2 weeks of training in my home
  • Instructional video featuring your dog and their new commands!
  • 2 hour lesson at drop off
  • Skype/Facetime check in withing 48 hours of drop off
  • 1 hour lesson for follow up within 30 days of drop off
  • Option to take your CGC test (Canine Good Citizen)
  • Discounted lessons for 6 months
  • All training tools; long line, prong (if needed), remote collar*
  • Lifetime phone and email support


  • 6 months or older (options available for under 6 months)
  • Completed online questionnaire
  • Consultation
  • Proof of current vaccines or current titer
  • Current on flea and tick preventatives
  • Fecal within 30 days
  • Your dog must be on quality food (covered in your consultation)
  • Payment in full before start date

Cost: $2100 for two week

+ $700 each additional week
(additional time may be required for more severe behaviors)