Melissa, owner of Wintson (bulldog) and Penny (bull mastiff)

We found Stephanie when our Bulldog (Winston) was 3 years old and our Bull Mastiff (Penny) was only a year. It all started because Winston was kicked out of Doggie Day Care, yup you read that right, kicked out for something called gate aggression. The business would not allow him to return until he had completed behavioral therapy. We recently moved into a new house and with that transition Winston started new bad behaviors. Barking at the TV, ALL THE TIME, barking at foil, the hair dryer, kids on skateboards, the drill, the hammer, you name it he barked at it. I warned Stephanie that he would be her most difficult client yet but the moment she walked in the door he was a totally different dog. He listened to her, what the !@(* Of course being “bull” headed he tried to push back but in the end he listened to her. Shortly after that first visit our niece, only a few months at the time, came to visit and Winston had an absolute fit about all of us carrying around this thing he couldn’t get to. He jumped up on you, tried to nip at her, it was flat out unacceptable. So Stephanie came over again and boom the problem was fixed. By the time we had a kid we already knew what to do with Winston and Penny, by default, had a much easier time since her training started when she was younger than Winston. Stephanie trained Winston and Penny’s owners, HA! We are very well equipped with knowledge she has given us to keep our pack in line Thanks Stephanie!