Kim and Caitlin, owners of Curry

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“So I wanted to give you an update. Curry’s most hated enemy is the vacuum cleaner. She loves barking at the vacuum cleaner and chasing it around as well as running away from it. Today we used place and she was able to stay calm. She only broke out of place twice but she corrected really quickly and didn’t bark at all. It was great. Thank you again!”

“Hey Steph, I wanted to give you another quick update about miss Curry. We went to Tattersale on Saturday evening. The patio was full of people and dogs. We were also seated very near the food truck. Other than a couple of small corrections Curry was perfect. After some time she started to explore and I handed the leash to our buddy who was sat on the other side of the table. She said hi to the neighbors and laid down for the rest of the time. We even had three people come up and compliment us on what a well behaved dog we was. It’s been such a dream brining her our to places with us. We’re having a ball!”