Benny’s Owner

Benny and I had a session with the trainer on Monday – Stephanie is her name and she is awesome! Turns out Benny’s main problem stems from us spoiling him way too much. Time for some tough love! He’s doing surprisingly well with the new “house rules” and soon (2-3 weeks I’m hoping?) we will make a visit to the … Read More

The Scull Family

Dear Stephanie, It was such a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and love for dogs shines through, you definitely picked the right career. During the training sessions I was able to learn so much from you. I learned of course the basic commands sit, stay, down and about having boundaries. But the two most important things you also taught … Read More

Melissa, owner of Wintson (bulldog) and Penny (bull mastiff)

We found Stephanie when our Bulldog (Winston) was 3 years old and our Bull Mastiff (Penny) was only a year. It all started because Winston was kicked out of Doggie Day Care, yup you read that right, kicked out for something called gate aggression. The business would not allow him to return until he had completed behavioral therapy. We recently … Read More

Owner of Oscar and Simon, 7 month (at the time) lab puppies

I am so pleased, I couldn’t be happier. You’ve far exceeded my expectations! I was worried, wondering what and who we’d get back. I feel extremely fortunate to have gotten lucky enough to have found you…You are worth every penny and more! The dogs really did a quick turnaround from coming to you. Impressive girl! Very impressive!

Kim and Caitlin, owners of Curry

We love hearing from our awesome clients! Be sure to share your training successes with us, we love the feedback! “So I wanted to give you an update. Curry’s most hated enemy is the vacuum cleaner. She loves barking at the vacuum cleaner and chasing it around as well as running away from it. Today we used place and she … Read More